Since our inception in 1976, Chizai Corporation has established itself as the leading company in patent translation. Our services don't stop at translating words though - we add real value.

Company Vital Data

Chizai Corporation
Dec 6, 1976
Paid-in Capital
10 million yen
Munetake Hamaguchi, President and CEO
81 (19 translators, 2 native editors; current Jan 2016)
Annual Sales
1.67 billion yen (FY ending Mar 2015)
Financial Institutions
Risona Bank
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp.
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Mizuho Bank
Major Clients
Domestic corporations
Foreign corporations
Foreign and domestic law firms
Domestic patent law firms
Chizai U.S.A.
Founded Jun 15, 2003
Chizai Europe
Founded Dec 10, 1991
Chizai Corporation Shanghai Co., Ltd. (Shanghai, China)
Founded Feb 24, 2006
Joint Venture Companies
Asia Translation Center (Dalian, China)
Founded Mar 31, 2012
Japan Intellectual Property Association
Nippon Intellectual Property Translation Association
Japan Society for Technical Communication
Japan Translation Federation



Corporate History

Dec. 1976
Business Associates, K.K., a translation services provider, is founded
Jan. 1977
First orders received from multiple patent law firms and translation companies
Apr. 1980
First orders received from IP departments of major Japanese clients
Dec. 1991
Company name changed to Chizai Hon-yaku Kenkyu-sho
Nov. 1992
1st patent translation seminar is held
Apr. 1993
First orders from IP departments of major foreign clients
July 1994
Departments organized by technical field (electrical/electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, and chemistry/life sciences translation departments)
Nov. 1996
Patent Translators Group founded
First publication of "Patent Translators" magazine
Feb. 1997
Japanese translation of Patent Practice, by Professor Irving Kayton, published
Dec. 1997
OJT system "Translator Intern" launched
Dec. 1998
CAFC Yearbook, co-authored by U.S. Patent Attorneys Kenichi Hattori and Alex Chartove, published
Jan. 2001
How to read and write U.S. business method patents, published by Diamond, Inc., authored and edited
Dec. 2001
Chizai Academy, our education and intelligence division, launched
Jan. 2004
A China division, dedicated to business in China, established
July 2004
Administration of the Nippon Intellectual Property Translation Association (NIPTA) assumed Drawing drafting for foreign filing moved in-house
Sept. 2004 to Jan. 2005
ODA 2004 Pilot Project for Promoting Leading Trade and Investment Environments ? Japanese to Chinese IP Translator Education Project in Beijing, China co-organized
Jan. 2005
Operational capacity strengthened by restructuring and establishing Chizai Translation Center, Chizai Administration Center, and Sales Headquarters
July 2005
Management of the Patent Translators Group transferred to NIPTA
Feb. 2006
Chizai Corporation Shanghai Co., Ltd. (Shanghai, China) opened its doors
Mar. 2006
Foreign filing service launched
Mar. 2007
Japanese-Chinese-Korean-English Intellectual Property Dictionary, co-authored by Chizai Corporation and published by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, hits the shelves of bookstores
Apr. 2007
Quality Control/Education Center established
Apr. 2009
ISO9001:2000 certification (quality management system) acquired
Mar. 2012
Asia Translation Center (Dalian, China) established as a joint venture
June 2013
Company name changed to Chizai Corporation