Typically, when filing for a foreign patent, design, or trademark, a corporation will order services from a domestic patent law firm. There is no doubt that IP activity in the rapidly growing economies of Asia will only become more important. However, patent law firms outside of Asia have trouble providing a satisfactory level of services at a low cost for IP activities in the linguistically complex countries of Asia.

Asia IP Filing Center is an IP service provider located in Japan,which has for many years provided detailed services to many corporate IP departments.

We have an extensive network of experienced patent law firms throughout Asia and are able to be meet your needs efficiently, accurately, and inexpensively. Choose Asia IP Filing Center, the professional in IP activities in Asia, for all your patent, design, and trademark filing needs in Asia.


  • [ NE Asia ] Japan / China / South Korea / Taiwan / Russia
  • [ SE Asia ] Indonesia / Philippines / Vietnam / Malaysia / Singapore / Thailand | India
  • [ Middle East ] Israel / Egypt / Saudi Arabia / Turkey

※ We can also handle your filing needs in the U.S., Europe, and other countries outside of Asia.



Asia IP Filing Center (AIFC) Advantages
Reduce your spending by using AIFC resources for translation instead of foreign agents.
Leverage our robust network of agents in Asia and navigate successfully through complex local practices and procedures.
Rest assured knowing that AIFC is owned by an IP translation company with a rich history spanning more than 40years.