Since our inception in 1976, Chizai Corporation has established itself as the leading company in patent translation. Our services don't stop at translating words though - we add real value.

Messages from our Leadership Team

Mankind continues to exercise intellect and innovation in all fields of technology. Intellectual property transforms these new technologies into economic opportunities while harmonizing on the global stage, and the power of language is the infrastructure that supports these global opportunities.

For more than 40 years, Chizai Corporation have delivered translation and a wide range of other IP services, as well as informational products. I am excited to announce our expansion of services to the U.S., European, and Asian markets outside of Japan, and am confident that our "language-centered" approach as a comprehensive IP service provider will deliver significant value to our clients.

Munetake Hamaguchi, Chairman and CEO
Munetake Hamaguchi,
Chairman and CEO

From its beginnings in 1976, patent translation has been the core business of Chizai Corporation. Over the years, we have added other services to meet new client needs. Today, we are a comprehensive provider of IP services.

With our eyes on the future, we are a group of patent translation specialists and, in our core business, bear the responsibility of enabling corporations to innovate and take those innovations to the global stage. Through our auxiliary services, we seek to adapt to our clients' day-to-day IP needs as much as possible. As our clients grow, so do we.

Shuichi Tomita, Director and COO
Shuichi Tomita,
Director and COO